Museums Quarter

In addition to the two great 19th century Museums, Vienna also has its Museums Quarter, devoted to modern art.
Here we see the Art Historical Museum with the Natural History Museum peeping out from the background, but the museums quarter is behind where the photo is taken, off to the left.

The Museums Quarter is in fact housed in the magnificent stables of the Hofburg Palace, designed in 1725 to hold reputedly 600 horses. But in the 1990s  they had the splendid idea to turn this and the yard behind it into a gigantic museum quarter with museums, exhibition halls, shops, galleries and cinemas


There are two major exhibition halls: this is the Leopold Museum designed to hold a collection of each Rudolph Leopold,   a renowned collector of the works of Schiele in particular



And this is Mumok, the Museum Moderner Kunst, or the Museum of Modern Art, designed to be deliberately brash and modern.



The museum quarter is billed as the place where the baroque meets cyber space and claims to be the biggest collection of museums in the world; it is certainly very active.


Then on either to the Cathedral, and the fashionable  shopping centre, the Graben

or to the Secession Building, and the changes that took place at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century


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