Inside the Hofburg

Inside the Michael Gate one enteres the most coherent of the courtyards in the palace, known simply as In der Burg.  The oldest part of the palace is in fact behind where this photo is taken.


At the centre is a statue of the Emperor Franz (1804-1835), Victor over Napoleon and host of the Congress of Vienna.  To the left is the Leopold wing now the state chancelry and to the right are the Kaiserappartements, or Imperial Appartments.


View of the main courtyard known as In der Burg

The most impressive building are the Imperial Appartments where the emperors normally lived.  The most popular feature today is the Sisi Museum created in honour of Sisi, the Queen Elizabeth, wide of the Emperor Franz-Josef.  She was the Austrian equivalent of Princess Diana, who was very beautiful, but somewhat troubled within.  She was eventually assassinated in 1898 by an Italian anarchist and has since been canonised by a film named Sisi, staring Romy Schneider.


The fourth side of the square is occupied by the Outer Burg, or old castle, entered through this gate known as the Schweitzerhof.





This is the smallest and most intimate of the courtyards which lies at the heart of the original palace.  In the far corner is the Schatzkammer, or Imperial Treasury which contains the crowns and the other jewellry and treasures of the emperors.



See the treasures in the Schatzkammer


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